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This is where I share my musings on the theater scene and artist life.  My aim is to share my personal angle about what makes certain shows particularly relevant, and my own observations about where the musical theater world is and where it's going from the perspective of an artist and educator.  I love the dialogue, whether you agree, disagree, love it, hate it, or just have your own insight to share, so please feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section below!

Why Hal Prince's Death Matters So Much

The news of Hal Prince’s death hit the theater community on Wednesday like a bomb of sorrow, love and gratitude for a life that generously gave everything he had to building musical theater up to its historically highest level.  From…

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What's Missing on Broadway These Days?

The book of Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun (Eccl 1:9).  Perhaps that explains how I feel when I look at the selection of new musicals coming to Broadway this season (you can see a list here

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Carousel Revival - A Rich Spiritual Layer Cake

A Breath of Fresh Air  

Wow.  This is the fourth time I have seen Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, and it is the fourth time after watching it I am gutted and tear-logged.  While I have seen some fantastic shows on…

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What is your Vision?

Some may think that being a musical theater artist is all about self-glory. However, anyone working on a musical knows that their job is just one part of a bigger vision.  

Whether one is a performer, designer, or musician…

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Come from Away: The Wonder of Reality

I’m still a little water-logged from the tears after seeing Come From Away this afternoon.  Despite the fact that everyone has been saying it’s so beautiful, moving, etc., I wasn’t sure it would have the same effect on me.  I…

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